Version History

March 27, 20133.61Major Update

This release includes support of Windows 8 and Outlook 2013. It also includes some fixes of issues reported by customers.

Functional updates:

  • Support of Outlook 2013 added. A number of issues were fixed in this update to correctly support the latest Microsoft Outlook 2013 edition.
  • Tested on Windows 8.

Issues fixed:

  • Email messages with updates remained in Sent Items folder on Outlook 2010 in some scenarios.
  • In some scenarios “view only” rights on shared folder would be incorrectly changed when 2 or more computers were setting up folder sharing at the same time.
  • Some minor text issues on dialogs were fixed in German, French and Spanish versions.

Other Updates:

  • Lib4Updates module added for automatic notifications on 4Team product updates and upgrade periods.

October 29, 20123.60Major Update

This update includes a number of bug fixes.

Issues Fixed:
  • A dialog suggesting to select what data should be sent would appear unexpectedly in some use scenarios.
  • A dialog informing about the updated item would appear unexpectedly in some cases.
  • Private items were updated with incorrect information sometimes, if sharing of private or personal items settings were different on different computers.
  • In some cases updates would be sent multiple times for the same items.
  • Trial will be extended if a version prior to 3.52 was installed.
  • Standard license validation procedure will be performed during the first start.
Other Updates
  • The issue with date format that was used in "uninstall feedback" links was fixed.

June 5, 20123.52.0820Major Update

New version of ShareContacts has been released

Issues Fixed:

  • In some cases item updates would not be sent to other users if Outlook 2010 was set to make Send /Receive before closing.
  • On some systems, the application menu tab was inaccessible right after installation in Outlook 2010 64-bit edition.
  • The hidden Outlook 2010 folders were visible in the Management Panel.
  • In some scenarios, the notification about new updates arriving were displayed even when there were no updates.
  • Installation would not run on some systems with Office Outlook 2010 64-bit edition installed, informing about VSTO installation issues.
  • Time of other users updated items was shown according to his/her time zone settings in the Updates Report.
  • An incorrect item type filter was suggested by default in “Updates in Shared Folder Report” dialog in some scenarios.

Other Updates:

  • All dialogs and email messages were updated with the new product logo.

June 29, 20113.51.0808Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • In some use scenarios, when a folder was shared with more than one user, changing sharing rights for one user would affect all other users instead of only the required one.
  • In some use scenarios, private recurrent appointments were shown with incorrect time, when a sharing them with the option "private appointments as blanks" is enabled.
  • The "Send updates only when I click the Update button" option for shared folders was not working properly, and updates were sent automatically anyway.
  • On some systems with Outlook 2010 64-bit edition, installation of the product would fail.
  • The trial period would be over right after the installation, in some cases on systems with Outlook 2010 64-bit edition.
  • The message box with product installation path would show each time during Outlook 2010 64-bit edition start.
  • When in trial mode, the activation button was not shown in the Outlook 2010 64-bit edition toolbar.

March 3, 20113.50.0712Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 64-bit edition is now supported.
Issues Fixed:
  • E-mails with updates would not be processed automatically when they were received into IMAP type folders in most cases.
  • E-mails with updates were not processed when Google Apps Sync was running.
  • By default, TXT extension is now used in the e-mails with updates instead of ZIP to prevent them from being blocked by the antivirus software.
  • The add-in would not start on Microsoft Outlook 2010 Click-to-Run edition.
  • When the option "Do not delete items if deleted by other users" was enabled on the folder that was shared with "view only" rights, the items were deleted anyway.

August 17, 20103.41.0693Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Email messages with updates were not created and sent automatically on Outlook 2000.
  • Activation would not pass validation in some cases when activating the product from "License Not Valid" notification dialog.
  • Application would detect incorrect Outlook version and would not run on Outlook 2010 in some cases.
  • Toolbar buttons and button groups had no labels on Outlook 2010.
  • Some hidden Outlook folders that are not visible in Outlook interface cannot be shared from now to prevent possible issues with these folders.

July 6, 20103.40.0687Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • Sharing folder without deletion permissions. Any folder can now be shared not only with "view only" permissions, but with almost full rights, with the restriction of deletions only.
  • Detailed log of shared folder updates. A detailed log of all actions with data in the shared folder can now be enabled to track each Outlook item change history, when and by whom it was updated.
  • The folder name is now shown in the message notifying about removing reminders in the selected folder.

Issues Fixed:

  • ShareContacts would not start in Outlook 2010 in some cases
  • The application would crash in some cases if item deletion is received for the item that is missing in the shared folder on the current computer.
  • When using IMAP account, the "Trash" folder used for deleted items could be shared in some cases.
  • Outlook 2000 would crash during start in some cases when the application is installed.
  • The "Mark as read" option didn't work in Outlook 2010.
  • In some cases, the information text for the last received update for each folder shown in the menu on the update notification icon in the notification area would show incorrect time.
  • "Remove reminders" from the right-click folder menu offered to remove reminders in the currently active folder in Outlook 2007, not in the selected one.

March 2, 20103.31.0655Minor Update

This update addresses minor issues encountered after 3.30 release.

Issues Fixed:
  • The "Share…" Wizard would always ask to select an Outlook folder without suggesting the current one, if it previously ran on unsupported folders.
  • There were no texts in German editions in the "Options" dialog "Security" tab
  • In some cases the notification message about deletion of an item that arrived from another user would appear below other dialogs .
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 3.02 or older.
  • The trial will be extended for another 14 days if any version older than 3.20 was installed.

February 18, 20103.30.0654Major Update

Functional Updates:
  • The "Share…" option triggering the sharing wizard is now additionally added to the drop-down list menu of the "Share…" button.
Issues Fixed:
  • Update e-mails would not be processed if they were moved from the Inbox folder using Outlook rules.
  • Multiple error messages would appear on the screen in some cases while receiving update e-mails warning that the application does not have permission to save or unpack the attachment.
  • A distribution list could be added as a recipient to the folder sharing wizard, and as a result that folder was marked as shared (in boldface) in the Management Panel without any recipients.
  • The application toolbar options were still available after the trial period was over.
  • The dialog informing about an expired trial period would not close automatically and would stay on the screen after the product successful activation.
  • When sharing a folder with sub-folders, only the main folder was shared instantly, the sub-folders were sent to other users only when updates were made in them.
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 3.02 or older.
  • The trial will be extended for another 14 days if any version older than 3.20 was installed.

December 17, 20093.21.0635Minor Update

Issues Fixed:
  • "Buffer overrun" error when receiving updates into Exchange folder when duplicate management functionality is enabled
  • Name of root Exchange Mailbox folder was shown incorrectly in Management Panel
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 3.02 or older.
  • The trial will be extended for another 14 days if any version older than 3.20 was installed.

November 27, 20093.20.0630Major Update

The main functionality updates that are presented in this new release are the auto-processing of duplicate items, new improved performance due to new changes detection algorithm, and

Outlook 2010 Beta support. Functional Updates:
  • New duplicates prevention system. Now you don't have to manually choose what to do when duplicates are found. The software will do it for you. Using the improved algorithm of duplicates detection and auto-merging rules, most of your duplicate items will be detected during  the initial sharing and appropriately handled without any additional questions. Items that can't be merged automatically, are placed into a special "Conflicts" folder for you to review and decide later what to do with them. Original items are backed up after merging in case you don't like the merge results, and want to restore your original item back.
  • Improved performance of updates processing. The updates are now processed up to 30% faster with the new improved updates finding and processing algorithm.
  • Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 Beta support. The product was fully tested on Windows 7 and updated to support the Outlook 2010 Beta new features, including the new ribbon toolbar.
  • Updated dialog that notifies about an arrived update with item deletion
Issues Fixed:
  • Updates would process in incorrect order in Outlook 2007 SP2 in some cases
  • Updates would not be sent automatically in Outlook 2000 in some cases
  • In some cases an Exchange e-mail account could not be added to program settings, leading to problems with adding users into the shared folder, and some other sharing issues
  • A shared Outlook folder would not be shown as "shared" in the Management Panel, if it has the "/" symbol in its name
  • When an Outlook e-mail account is changed to another e-mail address, or deleted and another one is created, the program would continue to use the old non-existing e-mail for sending updates
  • After using the "View Unread Only" filter, it would not allow to switch back to "View All" view sometimes
  • When entering an Outlook folder on some systems it sometimes would not show any content, but display the "Loading" status  only instead
  • When rejecting a sharing invitation, the invitation from the same user for the same folder would appear again for as many times as there are e-mails with updates from that user in the Inbox; now it is fixed to ignore any further updates received from this user/folder until Outlook is restarted
  • On some non-English Windows systems, the installation would fail with 1324 error due to the file name with non-Latin character inside the installation package
  • If two or more separate Outlook windows were opened, after restarting Outlook, the program menu and toolbar would be missing on other additional Outlook windows.
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from version 3.00
  • The trial will be extended for another 14 days if any version older than 3.04 was installed.

April 28, 20093.04.0559Major Update

This update mainly addresses the issue of "on top" windows and Outlook "on top" problem, as well as some technical support cases that occurred during the last 1.5 months.

Issues Fixed:
  • Outlook window would appear on top of other opened windows in some cases when receiving updates during the send/receive process
  • Notification messages about arrived updates, progress bars and other forms would appear below Outlook window in some cases and would not be seen unless all windows are minimize
  • Updating e-mails would stay in Inbox and would not be processed automatically in Outlook 2002
  • When a shared folder was deleted and moved to the Deleted Items folder, new shared updates would arrive to that deleted folder
  • Inability to set another folder for updates in "Options"
  • On non-English versions, the dialog that provides selection of an Outlook folder from the Wizard, or from the Management Panel options was always shown in the English language
  • Notification for deletion of the arrived items would pop up even if there were no such items in the folder already
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from any version older than 3.00
  • The trial will be extended for another 14 days if any version older than 3.00 was installed

March 6, 20093.03.0540Major Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Minor issues were fixed

January 21, 20093.00.0531Major Update

New Features and Changes
  • New easy-to-use sharing wizard
  • Improved performance (important for Outlook 2007 users)
  • Exchange Folders Support
  • Updated Management Panel and Options Interfaces
  • New Updates Notification Forms
  • New simplified management panel "Change the maximum size of data e-mail" is available from options
  • Many other functional updates and fixes

July 21, 20082.98.0446Major Update

Issues Fixed:
  • Issue with Outlook 2007 "freeze" solved.

May 12, 20082.98.0428Major Update

March 21, 20082.97.0413Major Update

  • Spanish language support added. Now Spanish speaking users can select the Spanish language. Product was fully tested with Spanish editions of Windows and Outlook.
  • Invitation to re-share the same folder from other users is now automatically processed to the same folder that was shared previously, if the folder path matches
  • When a user is deleted from the sharing list, the sharing process will be completely cancelled for this user on his / her PC, and the list of other sharing users will also be removed from his/her Management Panel settings for this folder
Issues Fixed:
  • Recurrent task instances when updated were detected as duplicate items, when received by other users
  • When e-mail with updates was received back to the same PC (same user e-mail is configured in the system), it would update the item again and mark it as "unread" and "deactivate" the user in the Management Panel
  • When using the "Remove reminders…" option, all item modification dates in that folder were updated
  • When "View only" access level was assigned to a user in the Management Panel on non-English editions, users would receive "Full" access level instead

February 21, 20082.96.0403Major Update

  • French language support added. Now French speaking users can select the French language. The Product was fully tested with French editions of Windows and Outlook.
Issues Fixed:
  • Invitation form to receive sharing of a folder would not appear when another modal form is opened in Outlook, and would cause error. Now the invitation form waits for the modal form to disappear and then shows up.
  • In some cases, when selecting the German language during installation with the "for all users" option, the English language would appear instead.
  • ShareO/ShareCalendar/ShareContacts menu would appear only on the first Outlook window, any other opened Outlook windows would not show the menu
  • In systems with 16-bit color video settings, the message about the successful finish of a re-sending process would not appear and an error would be registered in the error log
  • Some icons in menus would have green background in Outlook 2000
  • In some cases the "Send/Receive" process would start automatically during the folder re-sending process

December 1, 20072.91.0381Major Update

  • Allow access dialogs appeared when sending updates in Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002
  • Recurrent tasks with empty Start Date field were detected as duplicates

November 10, 20072.90.0368Major Update

  • Improved Processing of Updating E-mails. Thanks to this improved algorithm the e-mails with updates that arrive to the Inbox folder are now processed more efficiently. And the process of items creation is now postponed till the end of the "Send/Receive" process, to avoid a "freezing" effect on some systems with high e-mail traffic.
  • Ignore/Remove Reminders From Shared Folders. You can now disable reminders that you don't need in the shared folders (Outlook 2007). Also, by using the "Ignore Reminders" checkbox in the "Management Panel" you can disable reminders that arrive to your folder from other users.
  • Notification Icon Displayed While Processing Updates. The process of retrieving updates from e-mails now becomes visible. The Notification icon in Windows system tray will allow you to view the progress of creating updates in your Outlook.
  • A New "Report a Problem" Form Included
  • Duplicates of contacts would be detected incorrectly in some cases, when the Full Name field was empty and only the Company Name field contained data
  • An e-mail with updates would not be processed and error messages would appear in a loop when the e-mail arrived with additional attachments created by anti-virus or anti-spam software (such as AVG Antivirus)
  • When updating from the previous versions, the installation process informed about files "in use" and would not allow to continue. In some cases the installation would freeze without showing the "Finish" step
IMPORTANT NOTE: Users that currently have version 2.80 or higher may receive warning message that files are being used by another process during upgrade. Ignore button should be pressed several times to finish installation successfully.

June 14, 20072.81.0330Major Update

  • Items in some cases were not deleted, when e-mails with updates were processed in different order
  • Updates notification icon was not available on Windows Vista
  • Update e-mails with Calendar Free/Busy information sometimes stayed in Drafts folder on Outlook 2007
  • When selecting folder in tray icon menu, another folder would disappear in some cases from the tray icon menu list

April 20, 20072.80.0320Minor Update

  • Confirmation Dialog Added When Trying to Disable Updates Notification Icon.
  • When clicking on "Never Show Again" option in tray icon menu confirmation dialog appears
  • In some cases errors were generated when checking for duplicated items in contacts ("Condition is not valid" error was registered in error log)
  • In some cases incorrect default folder was suggested in invitation form when selecting "Main Personal Folder"
  • Warning message added during Outlook start if redemption object is not found

March 26, 20072.71.0299Minor Update

  • "Show updates notification icon in system tray" checkbox becomes checked after Outlook is restarted, even if it was unchecked
  • Outlook crashes on mspst32.dll

March 5, 20072.70.0294Major Update

  • Notification About Updates. Now when updates are received, you will be notified about them. Notification icon in the Windows system tray will allow you to review the list of recently updated folders and quickly open this folder in Outlook.
  • Enable/Disable Notification Icon. You can enable/disable the notification icon in Windows system tray. Checkbox "Show updates notification icon in system tray" is available in "General" tab of "Management Panel".
  • Product could not be activated on Windows Vista
  • When shared structure of sub-folders was deleted, items from these sub-folders could not be shared again into new folder
  • In some cases when "Folders Structure" was selected in sharing invitation form, the parent folders were created of the incorrect type
  • When adding file using "Add Document…" menu, it was marked as unread
  • "Help" button in sharing invitation form now leads to correct help page

February 11, 20072.61.0281Minor Update

  • Updated help documentation
  • During installation with “for all users” option sometimes installation error 1402 appeared

January 5, 20072.60.0280Major Update

  • Improved Sharing Invitation Form. Now, when you receive a new invitation to share a folder, different destination folder options are available to choose from with detailed explanations of each option.
  • Ability to Temporarily Cancel Sharing of a Folder or Deactivate Folder Sharing. The ability to temporarily disable sharing of a folder is now implemented for advanced administrative purposes, allowing you to additionally control what data will be sent or received during a period of time. Before going on vacation, you can temporarily disable your folder sharing (stop receiving updates from other sharers) without any trouble for other sharers. After returning, you can easily enable sharing again and start receiving updates from the other users.
  • Ability to Disable Sharing Completely. For advanced administrative purposes, the sharing process can now be completely disabled on all team members' computers from one computer only.
  • Improved Duplicate Management Functionality. Duplicates are now always detected during sharing. The duplicates notification form is now more user-friendly, as well.
  • Ability to Automatically Add Custom Text Into Subject of Update E-mails. You can now add some custom text to the subject line of updating e-mail messages in order to help adjust anti-spam and anti-virus software and ignore these e-mails for those users who experience problems with such software.
  • Re-designed "General" tab. The General Settings tab has been slightly adjusted to become more user-friendly.
  • Adapted for Outlook 2007. Several functional problems and issues have been fixed to fully support Microsoft Outlook 2007.
  • When a shared folder was deleted, items could not be shared again in a new folder in some cases
  • The "Re-configure to Other Folder..." button was not available in the ShareCalendar and ShareContacts previous versions
  • Re-sending of items is now not suggested when enabling an inactive user in the sharing list
  • The updating e-mails would remain in the "Drafts" folder in Outlook 2007
  • Issues with the right-click menus in Outlook 2007
  • Sometimes, the DynaZip error message would appear on the screen when receiving updates
  • When encryption is enabled in Outlook, it is now ignored during creation of updating e-mail messages, allowing other users to process such e-mails without problems
  • When Outlook starts in the background immediately after the program installation, problems with creating database would occur

October 3, 20062.50.0242Major Update

  • Re-configure of sharing settings from one folder to another. An additional action is now available in the "Management Panel", "Folder Settings" tab - re-configure the sharing settings from one Outlook folder to another.
  • Unable to add users from Global Address Book to the sharing list (when using Exchange type profiles)
  • Item comments were shared in some cases on Outlook 2003 machines even if the checkbox "My comments" was unchecked in Management Panel
  • "Mark as private by default" checkbox was not applied for items when they were created in Outlook view without using the form
  • When sending error report log files are now truncated to avoid sending large attachments
  • In some cases changed and new items where not shared when updated from PDA
  • Updated product documentation

September 19, 20062.41.0209Minor Update

  • Application doesn't load or doesn't install due to Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) component installation/registration problems.

August 11, 20062.40Major Update

  • Automatic division by data size of data messages sent via e-mail.
  • Update the sent confirmation message
  • Confirmation message of data deletion by other user.
  • Some synchronization problems have been fixed.

May 9, 20062.30.0142Major Update

  • First-time-share filters for each type of folder improved.
  • "Folder Settings" interface improved.
  • Minor improvements made in start-up wizard.

October 1, 20052.15.0034Minor Update

  • Product installation (without requirement to provide Microsoft Office Installation CD).
  • Issues with recurrent events synchronization is fixed.

July 20, 20052.15.0031Minor Update

  • Minor bugfix.

June 23, 20052.15.0026Major Update

  • Product renamed from "Contacts4Outlook" to "ShareContacts".
  • Updated product Activation
  • "Share" option added into right-click menu of Outlook folders.
  • "send/receive updates every xx minutes" checkbox added in "General Settings" to allow sending and receiving updates independently from Outlook processes (fix for Outlook 2000 users, where updates sometimes are not sent automatically).
  • Some issues that caused errors during "Send/Receive" process in Outlook fixed.
  • Outlook "access" dialogs removed in several cases.
  • Dll re-registering functionality added into installation to avoid issues with unregistered dll libraries.

May 25, 20052.10.0111Minor Update

  • Problems causing errors during send/receive updates.

March 8, 20052.10.0107Minor Update

  • Updated product Activations.
  • New "Welcome Screens".
  • Many minor bugs and problems fixed

January 17, 20052.00.0091Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • New independent from Outlook sharing technology.
  • New design of interfaces.
  • Progress bar window informing about the progress of sharing, and you can continue working with Outlook without any interruptions.
  • Support for contact picture in Outlook 2003 is added in contacts sharing.
  • "Unread Only" filter button added in Outlook 2003.
General. Fixes included:
  • "Access Dialog" is eliminated in most cases.
  • Many other minor bugs and problems fixed.

September 22, 20041.3.43Minor Update

General. Fixes included:
  • E-mails with update information stay in Inbox if there were non-standard types of items in folder.
  • E-mails with update information sometimes stay in Inbox unprocessed if there were recurrent appointments in the folder All our clients will receive this update for free.

September 4, 20041.3.40Minor Update

  • Problem with "deleted default Outlook folders" corrected.

August 12, 20041.3.39Minor Update

  • Problem with "Unread Only" in Outlook 2002 corrected.

July 15, 20041.3.36Minor Update

  • Problem when e-mails were not processed and stayed Inbox in non-English Outlook corrected.

May 24, 20041.3.32Major Update

  • Problem that leads to Outlook crashes on some Systems (mostly on new Dell PC's with preinstaled MS Office Systems) is resolved.

April 23, 20041.3.24Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • A (serious) problem in functionality is resolved. Please uninstall the previous version, download and install the new one on all your teammates' PCs.

April 21, 20041.3.23Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Totally new version with functionality based on the latest ShareOutlook.
  • Manage duplicates during the first sharing.
  • Synchronization functionality problems fixed.
  • This version is not compatible with the previous versions of Contacts4Outlook
  • Compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003
  • The program's functionality with Exchange email accounts impoved.

November 23, 20021.1Major Update

Major Enhancements:
  • Release of Contacts4Outlook.

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